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What is Recruitment?

Formal recruitment, which takes place at the beginning of every school year in the fall, is the process by which active members of our 7 CPA member chapters meet potential new members (PNMs) interested in joining the Panhellenic community. PNMs have the opportunity throughout this weekend long process to discuss with current members their sororities' values, ideals, and activities. The formal recruitment period consists of four rounds: 2 Open House, Philanthropy, and Preference. Each round, PNMs will visit fewer houses as they and the chapters narrow their options. Following Preference Round, a PNM may be extended an invitation to join one of our chapters and attend its Bid Night celebration. There is a non-refundable fee required for participation in formal recruitment which covers all recruitment-related materials. The fees and registration information will be up to date during this summer. Follow our Instagram for further updates.

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